Peugeot Universe – Relive the history of Peugeot
Peugeot Universe – Relive the history of Peugeot

With its major inventions and its myriad of successes, Peugeot has written most of the finest pages of automotive history. And with new challenges for the 21st century, the Peugeot adventure endlessly pursues its path.


Beginning of the PEUGEOT industrial adventure

PEUGEOT steel - 1810 - Beginning of the PEUGEOT industrial adventure

The family business was founded in 1810 by Jean-Frédéric and Jean-Pierre II PEUGEOT, during the transformation into a steel mill of the family hydraulic mill located at the place called "Sous-Cratet" on the commune of Hérimoncourt (Doubs). Various branches of the family will launch into very diverse productions, but all based on steel (tools, springs, umbrella whales, corset frames, coffee mills, watch pieces, bicycles, etc.).


Steam-driven 3-wheeler presented at the World Fair in Paris

The automobile – 1889 presentation of the steam-driven 3-wheeler

Armand Peugeot showcased the first Peugeot-branded automotive vehicle at the World Fair in Paris: a steam-driven 3-wheeler (non-commercialized), designed hand-in-hand with the engineer Léon Serpollet.


203 launched: first unibody car

The automobile – 1948 launch of the 203, the first monocoque model

The 203 is the first car produced after the war.It is also the first unibody model with a hemispherical-shaped cylinder head and V-shaped valves and the first Peugeot manufactured at over ½ million of units.


404 rolled out

The Pininfarina-designed 404 embraces angular lines. The increase in glazed surfaces rhymes with modernism and elegance and contrasts greatly with the models of the 1950s.In 1961, the 404 is equipped with the first direct-injection engine.


Launch of the 504: groundbreaking style and fittings

The automobile – 1968 launch of the elegant and durable 504

European Car of the Year 1969, the 504 is the Peugeot’s longest commercialized model (3,700,000 examples rolled out until 2006). Intended for a middle-class clientele, it also ranked No.1 in Africa and South America thanks to its endurance.


104 commercialized: world’s shortest saloon

The automobile – 1972 the world’s smallest 4-door saloon, the Peugeot 104

The slogan ’All of Peugeot in 3.58‘ emphasized that it was the world’s smallest four-door Saloon.


Launch of the 604: Peugeot’s 1st 6-cylinder saloon since 601

The automobile – 1979 first turbo diesel commercialised with the 604

As a result of its style and its stature, it is adopted by the most senior government officials.The first turbo diesel engine commercialized in Europe is integrated into the 604.


205 rolled out: the « magic number»

The automobile – 1983 launch of the 205, the most-exported French car

Lifesaving success for Peugeot. It becomes double world rally champion and wins two Paris-Dakar races. The 205 goes on to become the best-selling car in France and the most-exported French car.


Launch of the 405

Cars - Peugeot 405

For the second time in its history, Peugeot wins European Car of the Year in 1988 with the 405, its new family car.


Launch of the Pininfarina-designed 406 coupé

The automobile – 1997 the Peugeot 406, the first diesel-engine coupé

Its timeless design has made it a collector.It is the first coupé proposed with a Diesel engine (2001).


Launch of the 206, 7,326,029 units manufactured

The 206 was triple world rally champion.Its CC version (2000) relaunched the «transformable coupés», introduced by Peugeot in 1934.


Launch of the 3008

Cars - 2016, Peugeot 3008

Praised for its style, interior design and features, the new Peugeot 3008 was elected Car of the Year 2017 by a jury of 58 European journalists.

It is the first award-winning SUV since the creation of the trophy in 1964 and the fifth Peugeot to win Car of the Year after the 308 in 2014, 307 in 2002, 405 in 1988 and the 504 in 1969.


PEUGEOT PARTNER - Van of the year 2019

The PEUGEOT PARTNER was elected International Van Of The Year 2019. The PEUGEOT Partner is the fifth PEUGEOT Van of The Year since the trophy was created in 1992.

Two major innovations attracted attention: the overload indicator for safe charging and the Surround Rear Vision that provides blind-spot camera vision.

The PEUGEOT PARTNER stands out through the exclusive and world-first adoption of this segment of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, offering a new driving experience for greater productivity.

The International Van of the Year Award was launched in 1992. The jury brings together 25 journalists and publishers from independent magazines specialising in light commercial vehicles.


New PEUGEOT 208 & e-208 - Car Of The Year 2020

The New PEUGEOT 208 was named the 2020 Car of the Year by panel of judges comprises 60 automotive experts journalists from 23 European countries. The panel acclaimed its engine range: electric, petrol or diesel powertrains provide customers with “the power of choice”. The jury also appreciated the bold design and technology of the New PEUGEOT 208, the new PEUGEOT 208 is the sixth PEUGEOT to be named “Car of the Year”.

PEUGEOT enters the “top 3” of the brands with the most awards in the Car of the Year history, with six trophies. This prestigious trophy joins the twelve other international awards the New PEUGEOT 208 has already won.