Old spare parts



Depending on your needs and your budget, PEUGEOT SERVICE offers a wide choice of ranges of spare parts.

Discover the range of Peugeot spare parts suitable for all budgets: original parts, Eurorepar multi-brand parts or even recycled parts.

Original parts

Original quality, plus peace of mind

Because maintaining your Peugeot is an important moment, our Peugeot experts have a range of original parts that are 100% identical to the parts fitted to new vehicles.

They guarantee the best performance, the value of your vehicle as well as your safety throughout the years, for driving pleasure with complete peace of mind.

With the choice of Peugeot Original Parts, called MOPAR, you benefit from:

.Original quality
Produced according to manufacturer standards, and the same specifications as the parts fitted to new vehicles,

They are available in the PEUGEOT network, worldwide and at least 10 years after the release of the last vehicle.

Multi-brand parts

The alliance of quality, price and performance

Because your vehicle is aging, you are always looking for the right balance between price and performance for its maintenance. Our Peugeot experts recommend the Eurorepar range of multi-brand parts. 25% less expensive than original parts, Eurorepar parts allow a better controlled budget without compromising on quality.

With the choice of Eurorepar parts, you benefit from:

- A quality service

- Parts guaranteed for 2 years

Parts from the circular economy

A wise choice for the planet and your budget

Because respect for the environment is important, you promote the choice of recycled products while demanding quality and safety.

Concerned about controlling its impact on the environment, the Peugeot brand offers a range of spare parts from the circular economy: reuse parts, standard exchange parts or repair parts.

Offered during an intervention or for purchase throughout the network, they contribute to the policy of recycling and limiting automobile waste.

With the choice of parts from the circular economy, you benefit from:

An eco-responsible approach
Parts up to 50% cheaper than new parts
Parts of quality equivalent to that of Peugeot Original Parts, called MOPAR


And if you are looking for a part for a really old vehicle, you can consult the site and its large catalog of multi-brand parts and accessories.