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New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: Invention of a new dimension
New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: Invention of a new dimension




New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: Hill Assist Descent Control


New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: Safety performance


New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: Grille featuring chrome fins


New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: Advanced Grip Control Dial


Enjoy challenging the roads with intelligent Advanced Grip Controli technology and special 'Mud & Snow' tyres fitted to exclusive 18” alloy wheels. Simply turn the dial on the centre console and the grip of your new SUV PEUGEOT 5008 instantly adapts to the difficult driving condition.

New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: Hill Assist Descent Control


Free yourself from all the constraints of driving so you can focus on your journey. Inspired by the SUV category, the new Hill Assist Descent Control (HADC) feature within the Advanced Grip Controli package automatically regulates your speed and ensures your vehicle has perfect control on steep slopesi.


New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: Safety performance


The new SUV PEUGEOT 5008 has, as standard, first-class safety features: body structure optimised to absorb shocks, six airbags, ABS brakes, ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and much more. A multifunctional camera at the top of the windscreeni, twelve ultrasonic sensorsi, a radari and two 180° video camerasi are always there on every journey to better anticipate the road around you.


The latest generation of driving aids support you every mile of the way: Road Sign Reading and Speed Limit Recommendation System, Automatic Emergency Braking (Active Safety Brake) with Collision Alert (Distance Alert)i, Lane Departure Warning Systemi, Active Blind Spot Monitoringi, Driver Attention Alerti, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop Functioni... the list is endless!

And finally, for total peace of mind when driving in the city, take advantage of the hassle-free parking aids.


New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: BlueHDi Euro 6 diesel engines


The Euro6i BlueHDi diesel engines in the new SUV PEUGEOT 5008 combine high performance and low emission levels. The BlueHDi engines can lower fuel consumption, limit CO2 emissions to between 105 and 125 g/km, reduce NOx (nitrogen oxide) by up to 90% and remove 99.9% of fine particles by exclusively combining SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) additive.

New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: 3-cylinder PureTech Euro 6 petrol engines


The Euro6i three-cylinder PureTech petrol engines in the new SUV PEUGEOT 5008 have increased fuel efficiency due to their reduced weight and compact dimensions. They provide a unique driving experience and high performance without compromising on reliability and robustness. The award-winning 1.2L PureTech 130hp S&S engine was voted the best engine of 2016 in its category and achieves a CO2 emission level of just 115 g/km. It can be combined with the new EAT6 automatic gearbox.

New SUV PEUGEOT 5008: 6-speed EAT6 automatic gearbox


The new SUV PEUGEOT 5008 has expanded its range of engines including the innovative EAT6 (Efficient Automatic Transmission 6-Speed) automatic gearbox. Combined with 1.2L PureTech 130hp engines, 1.6L THP 165hp engines, as well as 1.6L BlueHDi 120hp and 2.0L BlueHDi 180hp engines, this new generation of innovative and efficient automatic gearbox offers the ultimate driving experience.

For quicker and smoother gear changes and optimal driveability, it features Quickshift technology and the new electric impulse automatic gearbox control. While the Sporti mode offers even greater responsiveness and performance.


 WLTP(1) values : Fuel consumption from 5,2 to 7,8 (combined), from 6,1 to 9,9 (low), from 5,0 to 7,6 (mid), from 4,5 to 6,7 (high) and from 5,7 to 8,3 (extra high) WLTP (l/100 km) - CO2 Emissions (combined) WLTP : from 138 to 177 (g/km)

(1) The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures mentioned comply with the WLTP homologation (regulation EU 2017/948). From 1 September 2018, new vehicles are type-approved using the World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), which is a new, more realistic test procedure for measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The WLTP fully replaces the New European Drive Cycle (NEDC), which was the test procedure used previously. Due to more realistic test conditions, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions measured under the WLTP are in many cases higher compared to those measured under the NEDC. The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures may vary depending on specific equipment, options and format of tires. Please contact your dealer for more information.

For more information 

• Values NEDC(2) : Fuel consumption from 4,0 to 5,7  (combined cycle), from 3,7 to 4,9 (extra urban) and from 4,4 to 7,2 (urban) NEDC (l/100 km) - CO2 emissions (combined) NEDC : from 105 to 131 (g/km)

(2) The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures mentioned are determined according to the new World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure WLTP (Regulation EU 2017/948), and the relevant values are translated back into NEDC to allow the comparability with other vehicles. Please contact your dealer for the latest information. The values do not take into account in particular use and driving conditions, equipment or options and may vary depending on the format of tires. For more information on official fuel consumption and CO2 emission values, please read the guideline "Guideline for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions of new passenger cars" freely available in all point of sales or at …[example for France : ADEME - Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie (Éditions, 2 square Lafayette, BP 406, F-49004 Angers Cedex 01) ou sur]