RCZ COUPE 2 doors


RCZ Coupe


Peugeot Connect combines audio, multimedia and Bluetooth™ hands-free technology in one simple, integrated system, making every journey effortlessly enjoyable.



The RCZ includes a CD player and radio, plus a USB port and Bluetooth™, which means you can listen to tracks from an MP3 player or phone through the audio system. So you could have your entire music collection in the car with you.



Directional bi-Xenon headlights give off a brighter, whiter light twice the intensity of a standard halogen globe. Producing a much wider beam, they use less power and last longer, reduce eye fatigue and pick out colours more clearly. The spray from wet, muddy roads can lead to a build up of grime on your headlights. The RCZ's headlight washers will keep them clean so the road ahead is always brilliantly lit at night.