RCZ Coupe


The  RCZ has safety and security in its core. Its dynamic stability control system includes Intelligent Traction Control - a hi-tech anti-skid system, as well as Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Emergency Brake Assist.


The RCZ comes with the latest-generation Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), which is able to detect the first signs of a sideways skid and helps reduce over steer. It keeps the car on course by reducing engine power and braking individual wheels.



The RCZ has front airbags that can adapt their pressure to the intensity of any impact for increased safety, as well as side airbags built into the seats - a must for any safety-conscious coupé.


The RCZ is equipped in series with a complete, powerful and resistant braking system.

The anti-braking system (ABS) controls the car's path during emergency braking. It is assisted by the emergency brake assist (EBA) which amplifies the braking pressure and reduces the stopping distance to a minimum. The electronic brake force distribution (EBFD) manages the braking wheel by wheel for greater effectiveness, notably when braking on bends.

Braking is assured by generously dimensioned ventilated front disks, with a diameter of 340mm and 30mm thick and rear disks of 290 x 12mm.