RCZ COUPE 2 doors


RCZ Coupe


The RCZ has a unique ‘double-bubble’ roof combined with a redesigned front end and a stunning long, low profile. Stylish new 19" Sortilege silver alloy wheels, aluminium arches and Xenon headlights complete the elegant exterior.


A perfect marriage of elegance with strength, the RCZ seduces at first sight. From its origins as a concept car, it has kept all of its boldness, to evolve into a more dynamic and distinctive style. Its original front with streamlined lines, the sensual curves of its double-bubble roof, and its sporty rear bumpers deliver a sculpted and iconic aesthetic balance. 



The RCZ’s unique black panel ‘double-bubble’ roof flows into the sculpted curves of the rear wings, which echo the fluid redesign of the front end. The overall effect is one of balance and sophistication – giving you sporty design along with a distinct feeling of exclusivity.



The grille of the RCZ is extended on either side with a 6-LED lighting signature, visible throughout the day and night. The smoothly contoured headlights are a Titanium-overlay directional bi-Xenon with auto height adjustment and washers, creating a modern and technological look.



Aluminium roof arches add fluidity and integrity, the Black Pack option includes a matt-black finish contributin to a different interpretation to the RCZ.


The RCZ is fitted with a moveable rear spoiler which functions automatically depending on the speed of the vehicle, or on the driver's command. A first angle of 19° allows the aerodynamism to be optimised. A second angle of 34° improves aerodynamic downforce and strengthens the RCZ's stability, for safer driving and braking. The twin chrome exhaust adds to that sense of power and style.



The RCZ comes with dynamic 19" Sortilege silver alloy wheels as standard, reflecting its sports car nature.