New Peugeot 4008


The 4008 uses technologies which better protect occupants from road imperfections and collisions.



The 4008 is fitted with automatic light activation which operates depending on the external lighting level, fog lights built into the front bumper assembly and LED daytime running lights.


The PEUGEOT 4008 is designed to protect the driver and passengers as much as is possible in the event of a collision. Its malleable body structure with reinforced belt line provides a high level of energy absorption in the event of a front, rear, or side impact. The vehicle is also fitted with effective restraining devices: 5 three-point seat belts with 3 anchorage points and 7 airbags.


In the event of collision, 7 airbags are deployed to protect occupants of the 4008. - 2 front driver and passenger airbags of which the pressure is adjusted according to the intensity of the collision - 1 driver's knee airbag - 2 front side airbags designed to protect the thorax, abdomen and lower back of the driver and front passenger (fitted in seats) - 2 head-thorax curtain airbags protecting the driver, front and back seat side passengers’ heads.



The PEUGEOT 4008 is equipped with an audio warning for rear parking with 4 integrated sensors in the rear bumper to detect any obstacles and warn the driver by means of an audio warning. To complement this audio warning, a reversing camera is automatically activated when the car is put into reverse allowing the driver to undertake all manoeuvres with increased safety.



The 4008 is equipped with an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) as standard. ESP comprises:
• Anti-lock brakes (ABS) prevent braking wheels from locking up in an emergency stop, thereby enabling the driver to maintain steering control.
• Traction control (ASR) activates the braking and engine management system to prevent the driven wheels from spinning in slippery conditions.
• Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) continuously monitors and compares data from the steering wheel sensor and the yaw sensor to detect any under or oversteer, then uses the braking and engine management systems to keep you on course.